Supt Kelly Participates in National Conversation

A Passion for Transforming Education: Superintendent Kelly Participates in National Conversation

Photo from Roundtable News Newsletter When North Beach School District’s school board hired Superintendent Andrew Kelly in July, they were looking for an administrator who could unite the staff and community behind efforts to transform the district. Just 5-1/2 months into his tenure with the district, Superintendent Kelly has initiated multiple programs and initiatives that focus on supporting each of our students in achieving at high levels – and at the same time has generated positive energy in the community.Outside of the North Beach community, Superintendent Kelly is a respected participant in the national conversation about improving educational outcomes for all students. 

A member of the National Superintendent's Roundtable, he was featured in a recent newsletter that focused on best practices in school and district improvement. Kelly attended the national convening in October and participated in a panel with other thought leaders on the best way to initiate and sustain positive change at the district level.

Reflecting on his activity on the national stage, Kelly explained, "I've always had a passion for making an impact in the lives of the kids I serve. The Roundtable is an advocacy organization that helps advance public school initiatives and best practices across the country. I was honored to be invited to participate and share what I've learned during my career that makes a difference for kids."

"All kids deserve to have a high-quality education served by excellent teachers, administrators and support staff. All educators deserve the support of a leader who knows how difficult their job is and is willing to put supports and structures in place to allow them to do their jobs well."

Read the coverage from the National Superintendent’s Roundtable newsletter. (Pages 1 and 4.)