Pacific Beach Students Make Kelly “Blue” for Academic Gains!

Pacific Beach Students Make Kelly “Blue” for Academic Gains!

"This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things that you can cultivate through your efforts.” Carol Dweck

The North Beach School District has taken on the ambitious task of transforming the academic performance of all its students in answer to the mandate of the school board and the belief of Superintendent Andrew Kelly.

Superintendent Kelly with blue hair Sometimes, transforming student achievement requires being willing to transform yourself. And while it’s serious work, there’s even room to be a little silly.

On Monday, December 10, Superintendent Kelly delivered on a promise to dye his hair “Pacific Beach Elementary School blue” if the students in Will Oak’s 5/6th grade classroom showed significant growth on their interim iReady assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Superintendent Kelly’s challenge to the 29 students in Oak’s classroom was to show aggregate growth of 10 points per student, for a total gain of at least 290 points in English Language Arts (ELA) and 290 points in math. The class exceeded expectations, gaining 297 points in ELA and 309 points in math.

All schools in the district designate students’ achievement with a color. Green means that students are right at grade level. Yellow means kids are approaching grade level. Red means students are well below grade level. Superintendent Kelly gave Oaks an alternate way to win the challenge, by having at least six students advanced a “color” designation, thereby moving all kids closer to performing at grade level standards. Mr. Oaks is happy to report that his kids also met that challenge, with Serenity and Jade advancing in ELA and Adin, Cameron, Alek and Katana all advancing in math!

Superintendent Kelly explains that the underlying goal is for staff to understand the detailed data profile as it relates to student achievement, and what that data indicates about the systems and structures in place in North Beach. By using the data profile to create metrics, staff can ensure the continual growth of our students AND become the highest performing district in Grays Harbor by June of 2020.

Will Oaks shares that his first priority in taking the challenge was, “to show his students I believe in them 100% and that they are just as smart and capable as any student anywhere.” Beyond that, he said, “We want to lead the culture change in our district and help the district become academically high-performing.”

Pacific Beach Principal Lynette Reime adds, “All our teachers and classified staff are working incredibly hard to ensure that our kids reach grade level standards and beyond. We’re excited to see just how much progress we can make with everyone working together.”

It’s been an exciting start to the 2018-19 school year in North Beach School District. Superintendent Kelly’s focus on building an adult culture committed to supporting each and every student is moving forward; all staff are working collaboratively to put the systems and structures in place to position kids for success.

“Our scholars in North Beach are exceptional,” Kelly emphasized, “We take each student from where they are and build a differentiated plan of support to ensure their academic success.”

It seems clear that in addition to a focus on growth and academics, there is also a place for fun and encouragement within the North Beach School District. #riseABOVEtheTIDE