Superintendent Selection

Superintendent Selection - June 13, 2018

North Beach Board of Directors Names “Kids First” Educational Leader as New Superintendent

Superintendent Andrew Kelly  "We can, whenever and wherever we choose, successfully teach all children whose schooling is of interest to us. We already know more than we need to do this. Whether we do it or not must finally depend on how we feel about the fact that we have not done it so far.''― Ron Edmonds

The North Beach School District Board of Directors named Andrew E. Kelly (Andy) as the district’s new superintendent late Tuesday evening, June 12th. The board’s appointment comes after a tumultuous year has left the district educational staff wanting a new kind of leadership with district parents expecting improved academic results for their children.

Board Chair, Doreen Cato, following two days of interviews reflected, “The Board is extremely impressed by Andrew Kelly’s foresight and passion for making kids first. We were looking for someone with the ability to hit the ground running with vision to lead the school team; having specific skills to upgrade the rigor in our academics, and proven strategies. The Board would like to thank Dave Wayman and Stan Pinnick for “coming out of retirement” and being instrumental in helping to identify quality candidates, and giving the staff confidence that day-to-day concerns were in good hands. We, the Board also want to thank the community for its willingness to attend two days of interviewing and rating the candidates. Our decision was fueled by the input and support of the staff and community.  We would also like to acknowledge both superintendent candidates who had impressive credentials, making it difficult to disappoint one."

"Mr. Kelly’s infectious passion and can-do attitude with a track record of accomplishments encouraged the Board’s decision.  We intend to be part of a united North Beach community in support of 'our' kids, and are thrilled for Andrew Kelly’s arrival July 1.”

Kelly comes to North Beach with a 28-year career in public education. He was born in Chehalis, Washington and graduated from W.F. West High School to pursue his bachelor’s degree at Central Washington University, majoring in music education. Kelly’s teaching and coaching career began in Zillah, WA. As a lover of both music and athletics, Kelly knew at the very beginning of his career that the key to supporting kids in school begins with relationship building and connections.

Superintendent Kelly earned his master’s degree at Heritage University in Educational Leadership and was quickly recruited “home” to become an assistant principal at Chehalis Middle School (where he had attended as a student just a few years earlier). Andy grew as an administrator moving on to serve the Yelm Community School District as both the director of their alternative school/assistant principal at Yelm High School.

School and district improvement have been one of Kelly’s passions his entire career. He has served as a high school principal in three different communities, in three different states. In each position, Kelly was charged with turning around low performing high schools and pushing for equity in systems where students were frequently marginalized. His 14-year high school principal career in the Clover Park School District, Portland Public Schools and Washoe County School District (Reno, NV) provided him the opportunity to radically transform both the expectations and results for kids.

Kelly returned to Washington in 2011 and after less than a year of focused work for a school improvement non-profit was recruited to serve then State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Randy Dorn. Kelly’s role at OSPI, as the Assistant Superintendent in the Office of Student and School Success, placed in a coaching role of 286 schools, statewide, that were identified as focus or priority schools, for low student achievement in reading or mathematics.

On July 1, 2015, Kelly accepted the invitation to serve the Lyle School District as their superintendent in an effort to transform student outcomes for each of the students they serve. When Superintendent Kelly began, each of Lyle’s three schools were labeled, “priority,” meaning they were performing in the lowest fove percent in the state in reading and math proficiency. By January 2018, all of Lyle’s schools had exited “priority” status and their elementary school was recognized as a Washington School of Distinction for being in the top five percent in growth statewide. Kelly credits the success within Lyle School District to their brilliant educational staff and amazing scholars. “In Lyle we adopted the pledge, #ALLmeansALL. It permeates everything we do and sets the tone for high expectations for each of us, staff and students alike.”

On Monday, June 11th, Kelly visited the district, interviewed with the board and district employees, toured each of the district buildings and participated in a community forum hosted at Ocean Shores Elementary. “I believe that the North Beach School District can be the highest achieving school district in the state of Washington,” Kelly reflected in the community forum. “It is clear that you have a committed and dedicated educational staff, brilliant scholars, and a community that wants “what’s best” for their sons/daughters. We can improve our district to meet the needs of each and every learner and support our teachers, classified staff and administrative team to do their very best work.

According to Kelly, his most important job is that of dad to the “Kelly Kids,” all six of them! Marissa, 24, is a University of Portland grad, currently serving in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica. Jeremy, 20, will be attending Grays Harbor Community College in the fall. Twin grads, Shakira and Rashida (18) will be attending The Evergreen State College and Central Washington University. Ezekiel (15) and Josiah (15) are looking forward to “beach life” and attending North Beach High School in the fall.

Mr. Kelly’s first day on the job is July 1st. He can be reached via email at or (360) 870-3321. The board will be hosting “Supper with the Sup” later this summer and are excited for the year to come. You are invited to reach out and extend a “north beach” welcome to Mr. Kelly and his family.