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Levy and Bond Information

North Beach School District Safety 4 Students Construction Bond Will Protect Students, Community -- and Homeowners’ Investment

Voters residing in the North Beach School District have the opportunity to make their community schools among the most seismically and tsunami-safe on the west coast when they vote on two school measures February 8, 2022.

Proposal 1 is a 25-year, $110 million bond measure that will address two decades of deferred maintenance on district buildings. This bond measure will protect taxpayers’ long-term investment in our schools by rebuilding Pacific Beach Elementary at a new, higher-elevation location, and making improvements to North Beach Middle/High School and Ocean Shores Elementary.

The overarching goal for all of the district’s schools is to increase needed learning space to relieve classroom crowding and to upgrade essential systems, while developing a tsunami-safe refuge at each school for our students, staff and surrounding community members.

Watch Superintendent Kelly's informational video about the bond measure here.

With an estimated tax rate of $1.75, the additional monthly cost for a home worth $300,000 will be around $31.50.

Proposal 2 will renew the Educational Programs and Operations levy, to continue to support the educational necessities that our state doesn't adequately fund.

For the last decade, North Beach residents have regularly approved an EP&O levy of up to $1.35 per thousand of assessed value. This year, the district is instead requesting approval of up to $1.06 per $1,000 valuation of property, 29 cents per thousand lower than in previous years. The district’s actual collection is estimated to be closer to 81 cents per thousand due to legislature’s levy cap on local collections.

The annual total levy collection of $1,986,705 makes up 14 percent of the total district budget. It pays for people and things the state considers “enrichment” but that our community generally expects schools to provide. This includes the salaries and benefits of additional staff, such as:

  • Certificated staff in addition to the state allocation to help lower class size and eliminate split classes;
  • Increase counseling support;
  • Increased paraprofessional support for small groups and one on one learning.

It also pays for other day-to-day operational expenses not covered by the state, in addition to athletics and other extracurricular activities. The anticipated combined levy and bond tax rate, after the levy rollback, is $2.56. This total collection remains considerably lower than those in neighboring communities.

Passage of both measures will protect the taxpayer’s investment in schools, and our biggest investment of all – our scholars.

More Details regarding Proposition 1 Safety 4 Students Bond Measure

At Pacific Beach Elementary:

PBE was built in 1956, just steps from the beach in Pacific Beach. Its structural condition was recently evaluated the poorest in the district, and least safe seismically resilient in Washington State. As is the case with many buildings constructed at the time, it’s far less expensive to rebuild the school than to attempt to remodel it. The district will acquire land and construct a new elementary school on higher ground, beyond the reach of a tsunami, to replace the existing school. Some of the ideas generated at community meetings were to provide space for a school-based health clinic, as well as for before and after-school and summer care, as part of the new multi-use building.

Pacific Beach Elementary  with homes and the Ocean breakers on the beach.


At Ocean Shores Elementary:

OSE is the district’s newest structure and is in excellent structural condition. However, it is rapidly running out of room for enrollment growth.

The district will build a two-story addition at the school that will include eight new classrooms and a multi-use space/tsunami evacuation refuge at or above 50 feet in height to provide a safe place for our students, staff and community.

Ocean Shores Elementary


At North Beach Middle/Senior High School:

North Beach Middle and Senior High School will be the site of a new performing arts center that will include a multi-use space on top. The space will be built at or above 50 feet in height, providing students, staff and community members refuge during the threat of a tsunami. An auxiliary gymnasium will also be built and the existing building will have a metal roof installed and the HVAC system replaced. There will also be targeted improvements to restroom facilities to keep the school up-to-date.    

The passage of the Safety 4 Students Construction Bond will allow North Beach School District to contribute to making our community one of the safest coastal communities in the United States and ensure that the buildings and campuses in the district are in good shape for the next 30 years.

North Beach Middle/High School Aerial with ocean beyond


Individual Tax Burden Remains Affordable and Below those of Neighboring Districts

By timing this bond measure at this time, while property values are still rising and interest rates remain low, the district is in an excellent position to make long-term capital investments in schools without placing an undue burden on taxpayers.

The administration and board of directors have worked hard to provide a high-quality education for students while being good stewards of the public’s money. “We've reached the point when being ‘responsible’ means spending money judiciously to protect our taxpayers’ investment in local schools,” Superintendent Andrew Kelly notes.

“The quality of communities is largely measured by their schools, which affects the value of our homes. For many of us, our homes are our biggest asset. By taking care of our schools, we're ensuring the investment in our homes is protected. To also be able to make our schools and community safer with this construction is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Kelly concluded.

More information can be found on the North Beach School District at Look for “2022 Levy & Bond” in the main navigation bar.