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Family Survey Shows Resilience and Pinpoints Needs

Parents in North Beach School District report that, overall, they are coping well with the changes created by the COVID-19 pandemic, but need computers and a better understanding of the technology their children will use as we move into the start of the 2020-2021 school year. 

Superintendent Andrew Kelly shared the results of the most recent family survey conducted by North Beach Schools at the August 18 school board meeting.

Just over 300 parents responded to the survey.  Key findings:

  • Over 90 percent say they have adequate Internet bandwidth at home.
  • Nearly three-quarters of parents indicate their children will need Chromebooks provided by the district (although over half report having a computer, in many cases parents need those as they try to work at home).
  • The majority of parents report they need to better understand Google Classrooms and Skyward, two important pieces of technology in education; a substantial number want to better understand i-Ready, Google Docs, and Zoom Video conferencing as well.
  • Parents report last year's at-home learning experience was marginally successful and cited motivating their children to do schoolwork as the most difficult issue.
  • Looking ahead to the coming school year, nearly 90 percent say their family is handling the pandemic and child's education as well as can be expected, but 10 percent indicate they are having financial challenges due to children being home from school, and 20 percent say they must work and therefore can't help their children with schoolwork.
  • Nearly one-third of parents feel comfortable sending their children back to school now, but two-thirds say they do not and want the district to wait until the health department deems reopening school is safe.

View the full PowerPoint here.