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District Investment Leverages Educational Transformation

Those who have studied schools and why some are more effective than others, will tell you that a host of factors affect a child’s learning success -- but ultimately, an excellent teacher is perhaps the most influential of them all.   

During the last round of negotiations, when the state legislature restructured school funding, the North Beach school board devoted as much of the new funding as possible to increasing teacher salaries. “The salary schedule for North Beach teachers is in direct correlation to our commitment to our students and improving student achievement,” Superintendent Andrew Kelly notes.

“We know that district improvement is inextricably tied to teacher quality,” Kelly adds. Indeed, North Beach School District’s current salary schedule for certificated staff clearly demonstrates the district’s commitment to offering competitive salaries.

Superintendent Kelly emphasizes, "It is our intention to be able to recruit and retain the very best teachers available for our scholars. Our kids deserve it!" 

Salary comparison certificated staff for 11 districts