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Board Statement Regarding Superintendent's Review

In order to meet the requirements of Superintendent Andrew Kelly's contract, the board is obligated to perform an evaluation and review compensation twice yearly no later than January 31st and May 31st. The Board evaluation of the Superintendent’s performance is based on annual goals and objectives agreed on by the Board and Superintendent by August 1 of each year for the coming school year.

Following an executive session as part of the regular board meeting on May 19, 2020, the board has issued the following statement:

"The North Beach School Directors would like to acknowledge we are in a crisis environment, locally, statewide, nationally and worldwide, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We have discussed in executive session the performance of our superintendent.  We have determined that while he will continue to strive for progress on the year’s original goals, we also recognize there are many responsibilities in a crisis that supersede the routine. 

We have agreed to allow Andy the latitude to adjust how he is addressing each goal in light of the new environment and changes in how school is structured. 

Based on the recognition of the financial strain on statewide education, we have agreed with Andy that a raise, even in the face of many unprecedented challenges, is inappropriate at this time.

Andy will present at the next meeting accomplishments both in alignment with original goals, and those achieved as a result of the changing environment."