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North Beach Levy Proposed to Fill Gaps Between State Funding and Local Needs

Voters in the North Beach School District (NBSD) will be asked to consider the continuation of a local Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy on February 11, 2020.

2019 NBHS Choir Performers poised on bleachers “School funding in Washington State is based on a state allocation using a calculation tool called the prototypical schools model,” Superintendent Andrew Kelly articulated. “It creates a standard allocation, based on enrollment, to begin the work of educating our kids,” Kelly continued, “but nearly all superintendents acknowledge it is insufficient to support the varied needs of all students within each community. That’s why we ask local voters to join together to fill the gaps for our kids.”

“With voter approval, North Beach takes a significant step towards closing that gap,” Kelly affirmed.

The current levy was approved by voters early in 2018, with a predicted rate of $1.31 per thousand dollar assessed home value. North Beach is collecting just under three-quarters of that amount.

Button for ley video The reason? The state legislature changed the state funding formula and limited school district levy collections. As a result, North Beach collected just 97 cents per thousand-dollar assessment.

Our current levy expires at the end of 2020. The levy on February 11’s ballot, if approved, will replace the funds we’ll lose at the end of December.

On your ballot, you’ll see an estmated tax rate of $1.35 per thousand of assessed home value for a total collection of $2.5 million. If the measure is approved, this is the maximum the district will collect. In fact, it’s likely to be significantly less, again because of the state’s new school funding formula.

We estimate we will collect closer to $1.7 million in each of the next two school years. We are asking voters to approve $2.5 million because the legislature could potentially adjust the funding formula again this year. This gives us some room for adjustment at the local level.

The important thing to remember is that, if the measure is approved, the maximum amount the district will collect is $2.5 million -- but it’s likely to be quite a bit less.

Local levies pay for the costs of any staff exceeding the state’s prototypical school funding formula; augment school safety, maintenance, special education, preschool; and support enrichment activities like music, art, shop, and athletic programs.

“As a district team, we are proud of the growth and development within the school district over the past two school years,” Superintendent Kelly shared, “We’re focused on continuing to meet the complex needs of each of our scholars, and this levy will help us to do just that.” 

Questions about NBSD’s levy can be directed to Superintendent Kelly at or by calling 360-870-3321.