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Be Prepared for Weather-Related School Delays or Closures

When it comes to weather-related closures and delays, no news is good news!
If you do not receive an automated call or email from us by 6 a.m., and nothing has been announced on the local news stations, this means school is running on a regular schedule.
Old man winter illustration If we do make changes to our regular schedule, here are a few messages you may see, and what to expect: 

School Closed - If school is closed, all out-of-district transportation, meetings, field trips, after-school activities, and athletics games/practices will be canceled for the day unless otherwise announced. All evening meetings/functions scheduled to take place in district facilities will also be canceled. 

Two-Hour Delay - If there is a two-hour delayed start, there will be no PreKindergarten/ECEAP. K-12 students will be served a light breakfast such as a bowl of cereal, as well as lunch. If weather conditions worsen after we have called a two-hour delay, school may be cancelled for the day  

Here are all the ways we share information about school delays or closures due to weather or other disaster situations. 

Phone Alert - Parents will receive an automated phone call/text message to their designated primary phone number in the event of school closure, delay, or early dismissal. Calls are initiated by 6 a.m. when possible.  If your phone number or email has changed, please call the school or 360-289-2447so that we can update your information. 
Email - All parents/guardians with an email on file at the school will receive an email and/or a text message from the district via our automated emergency notification system.
Facebook - Inclement weather notifications will be posted on the NBSD Facebook page, @northbeachschooldistrict.
• News media - Radio and regional television stations will announce schedule changes by district name after 6 a.m. Schools will be operating on normal schedules if no announcement is made. 

Washington state schools and municipalities use a service called to report the school's status to news media and emergency providers, and parents can check school schedule status on this page as well. 
Have questions or concerns?  Call your child's school or the district office at 360-289-2447.