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NBSD Board of Directors Offers Up Bold New Mission and Vision

At the September 17, 2019 board meeting. the North Beach School District Board of Directors voted to adopt a new vision and mission statement.

Three key words make up the vision: Embrace. Encourage. Empower.

The mission statement is built around the three words and embodies some of the major issues and themes in education today. The belief that all children can learn and should have equal opportunities and expectations. The need to create learning environments free of bullying and threats of emotional or physical harm. The importance of developing a growth mindset and being a lifelong learner in a fast-changing economy.

It reads:

North Beach School District embraces and honors the individuality each child brings to school, knowing in our hearts all are capable and worthy of achieving great things.

Because of this knowledge, we will encourage and nurture every student’s growth as a learner and a caring member of society by providing a safe environment where we model and expect commitment, tolerance, respect and perseverance.

And, as they grow in heart and mind, we will provide resources and mentoring to empower our graduates as life-long scholars who are valuable members of their community, whatever academic path they pursue. 

Superintendent Andy Kelly said, "I'm honored to work for a school board that believes in the potential of each scholar, strives to support all staff, and expects growth. The vision and mission, in concert with our goals for the year will continue to push us forward as a district and, most importantly, improve our service to our most precious commodity within our community, our kids.”

“In creating this bold vision for the district, the school board has set a high bar for employees and students, one that will take focus and dedication,” Superintendent Kelly concluded.