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North Beach School District Curriculum Council

North Beach School District Curriculum Council

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What is the Curriculum Council?

The Curriculum Council is a standing advisory committee to the Superintendent and the Board of Education. Its primary goal is the ongoing improvement of the district’s educational programs.  

Through its review of current instructional programs and study of best practices, the Council seeks to:

  • Support the district’s mission, vision, goals, and priorities

  • Provide students with rigorous educational programs and 

  • Provide students with instructional programs which will enable them to achieve educational growth

Areas of Responsibility

  • Oversee the curriculum planning and management process.

  • Identify and analyze student performance data 

  • Ensure the alignment of standards, curriculum, and instruction

  • Evaluate district programs 

  • Engage in self-directed study to make recommendations for new programs and practices

  • Serve on ad hoc subcommittees to facilitate information gathering 

  • Review and approve new programs 

  • Communicate with the NBSD Board of Directors and community 

Areas of Opportunity

Council members will have opportunities to develop their understanding of educational program issues: 

  • WA state standards and national standards

  • Student achievement data

  • Opportunities for the use of curriculum maps to inform building district initiatives

  • Review the effectiveness of Programs and courses currently in place in the district

  • Strengths of the district’s programs and opportunities for improvement

  • Current issues and research in education

Commitments of Council Members

  • Be an instructional leader for your school. Communicate the work of the Council to (constituent groups) following each meeting.

  • Provide feedback and input to Council on individual issues from SCC building/team level work. This feedback will then inform the next steps.

  • Work with the Superintendent to identify topics for inclusion on the agenda or further in-depth study.

  • Lead or participate in subcommittee work as appropriate.

  • Attend all meetings and retreats