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Welcome Back: A message from Dr. Lyte Crowther



As your Superintendent, my top priority, along with our North Beach School Board of Directors, is to take care of the needs of our students, faculty, staff, parents, and community.


We have appealed to our North Beach Team to join us in taking advantage of every opportunity to help improve the lives of our students this year.  Our 2022-2023 North Beach theme for this upcoming year is:

"Educating Back to the New Normal"


We will do this through our collaborative leadership and concentrating on our 3 E's:




  • Have clear EXPECTATIONS,

  • Develop a pattern of collective EFFICACY, and 

  • Provide our students with sound instruction that will lead to  EDUCATIONAL  growth to carry them into the future.


More than ever this year, NBSD will center our focus on teaming scientifically researched-based curriculum with the best instructional pedagogy to educate our students.  We will work as a team to ensure we provide our students with the skills they will need when they leave our district, beginning with our youngest students.



  • Through collaboration, synthesize and update our Mission and Vision Statement with all stakeholders' input.
  • Rebranding the District through a competitive district-wide contest, with all age groups and stakeholders given a chance to compete for prizes.  The ultimate prize being the accolade of having his/her/their design representing the North Beach School District. (More to follow)
  • We will continue to have opportunities for our parents/community to volunteer and take part in the decision making and planning at each building through their School Site Councils.
  • At the District Level we will have several opportunities, as we did in the 2021-2022 school year with the Comprehensive Sex Education Curriculum Adoption Committee, to have teachers, counselors, our district nurse, building administrators, and parents, to take part in helping to make equitable and sound decisions for all students.


I will never ask our staff to do something I am unwilling to do. My personnel goals over the summer break that will continue throughout this year:

  1. Build trust (in all sectors) through the establishment of Shared Leadership Teams.
  2. Re-establish the District Safety Committee and protocols.  
  3. Stabilize building administration through the hiring of experienced administrators with specific skills sets needed at North Beach School District to be a part of our team.  Through an independent hiring committee.
  4. Re-establish reliable baseline data using iReady, District Writing Assessment, and CEE (Climate survey).  This data will guide our instruction, student, and staff support.
  5. Implement a Multi-Tiered  System of Support (MTSS) for our Response to Intervention (RTL),  behavior (discipline), and SEL for all students.
  6. Create a year-long professional development calendar.  In collaboration with ESD 113 Teaching and Learning and our District Curriculum Counsel.
  7. Establish a district-wide writing assessment as one of our Key Performance Measures (KPM).
  8.  Review and de-implement procedures that hinder equality, a healthy staff, and healthy student social-emotional development. 
  9. Continue our open-door policy for all stakeholders by continuing to meet with community members, parents, and Board members every Friday afternoons.
  10. Create a Collaborative Administration Team.  As a team, we will ensure we know the needs of our students, staff, and parents.