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Message from Dr. Lyte Crowther Regarding Texas Shooting

Dear Staff, Students, Families and Community,

Yesterday, May 24, we learned of another horrific shooting, this time at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. It's one in a series of tragic mass shooting events that have taken place in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, to a church in Santa Ana, California.

Yet for many of us, this one stands out, for the age of the victims and gunman, and for the sheer scale of the loss.  It’s impossible to make sense of such a horrific event. Our schools are a place of growth, development, and discovery. They should never be a place of violence.

When we learn of such an event, it is natural for us to look at our own schools and workplaces with safety in mind. My team and I have been doing the same.  Our schools have been implementing measures to screen and intercept individuals entering our buildings and campuses. Exterior doors are kept locked. Our school counselors and staff work to know students and help them process the emotions that can lead to violence. We also maintain a close connection to local law enforcement.

But the most important piece of any school's security plan is people - staff, students, parents, and our community -- you and I -- all of whom have a role to play in protecting one another.

You've no doubt heard the plea, "if you see something, say something." It's more important than ever.  In our country, school violence has been prevented by parents who made a call after seeing a threatening post on social media. It has been intercepted when a passerby called the police after seeing someone behaving oddly near a school campus.  

Even if it's just a small thing, we ask you to report it to the school in question. If you can't reach someone at the school, call 9-1-1 and report your concern to the police.

Protecting our young people, educators, support staff and visitors is an evolving process and we will continue to adapt plans and protocols with that critical priority in mind.

For now, please join me in sending your expressions of goodwill and caring to the people whose lives have been forever changed by the horrific event in Texas.

If you are grappling with how to talk to your children about this incident, this resource is a good place to start. You can also call the school to connect with our school counselors, especially if you or your children are struggling to cope with the knowledge of this incident.

With a heavy heart,

Dr. Angela Lyte-Crowther
Acting Superintendent