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Board Policies

The North Beach Board of Directors sets district policy. Procedures are developed by the Superintendent and staff to carry out board policy.
North Public Schools Policies and Procedures are organized by category as outlined below. Use the search tool to locate a specific policy or procedure by subject or number. 

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Policy Breakdown is only a list of policies and procedures, Use the search tool to the left to view a specific policy or procedure by subject or number. 
Series 1000: Board of Directors
Board Organiztion
Methods of Governance
Principles of Operation
Board Member Benefits
Board Development

Series 2000: Instruction
Program Development and Resources 

Learning Programs and Supports 
School Organization 
Program Supplements
Requirements and Assessments 

Series 3000: Students
Admission and Attendance

Rights and Responsibilities
Student Welfare
Student Activities 

Series 4000: Community Relations
Communications with the Public

Public Participation in the Schools
Public Access to Schools, Staff and Students
Relations with Other Agencies and Schools

Series 5000: Personnel
Recruitment and Personnel Selection

Employment Practices
Auxiliary Personnel

Series 6000: Management Support
Financial Planning and Management
Risk Management
Food Services
School Property
Capital Projects