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Choice Transfer Request

Choice Transfer Request

A Choice Transfer request is made when a student wants to attend a school outside of their residence school boundaries, or outside of the school district where the student lives. You can complete the choice transfer request by using OSPI's online system, or by downloading, filling out and returning the form below.

OSPI's state-wide choice enrollment website is available at Online Choice Transfer Request

 Before you begin:

  1.  Contact the nonresident school district to find out if they are accepting applications for the school and grade level you are requesting.
  2.  Ask if there are other forms or required steps to complete your Choice Transfer request outside of this request portal.

You need to have an active email address to use this system. The first step of a Choice Transfer request is to verify your email address. A validation request will be sent to your email address. You will not be able to continue without the email validation step.  After you complete the online form and submit it, the home district will receive an email notification and complete the submission process to the district you are choicing in to.


Downloadable Choice Transfer  Form