Wendy McCoy

Mrs. Wendy McCoy



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Wendy McCoy

Where are you from? (where did you grow up and where did you last live)

I am lucky to have grown up right here in Ocean Shores! I attended the North Beach School District since pre-school. I graduated from high school in 2001!

High school and college experience (what schools you went to, favorite subjects and subjects of study in college)

After graduation, I attended Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA. While I was there, I studied English and obtained my teaching degree in December of 2005.

Years of teaching experience (when you started and what you love about it)

 I began teaching English in the Fall of 2006. Prior to that, I coached basketball at North Beach in the winter of 2005. I continued to coach basketball until 2010 and coached volleyball between 2006 and 2010. Since coming back to NB in 2006, I taught English until 2014, when I transitioned into school administration.  

Areas of knowledge (What it is that you teach, what you know about, what you are interested in)

Since graduating from Eastern in 2005, I continued my education to obtain a Master's Degree in Special Education and School Administration.

Words of wisdom (Anything that you would tell the students, life philosophies or advice you would give to them and to anyone)

The best advice I can give is aimed to encourage: YOU are your only barrier. 

Favorite quote:

The best quote is "Once a Hyak, always a Hyak," which has been repeated to me throughout my time as a student and employee of the district by one of my coaches, friends, and mentors, Bob Sutter. It is absolutely true for me, and I am dedicated to North Beach and its students and families. 

How would you describe yourself and your hobbies and interests:

 My hobbies and interests outside of school include everything and anything to do with my family. I love spending time with them and sharing their new experiences in life and loving the outdoors.