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    Posted by Deb Stenberg on 5/13/2019 4:35:00 PM
    Dear North Beach Colleagues, Families and Community,
    As we begin to look towards the finish line for the 2018-19 school year, several of my superintendent colleagues and I have challenged each other to be more intentional about our roles as superintendents and learners within our districts. One of the ideas that resonated with me was a "weekly publication" that shared something that we've learned or reflected on in the past week.....hence, my first attempt at the Hyak Weekly Review :-) My goal will be to publish a weekly article/letter that celebrates our work within the district and also be helpful to our teachers/learners that might be helpful to you in our roles within classrooms, schools, buses and kitchens.
    As I think about each of our classrooms, district-wide, whether it's pre-K, 12th grade, or somewhere in between...one of the things I know we need is more rigor. Higher asks and expectations for all our kids. I was reminded during our high school principal interviews on Saturday of Art Costa's different levels of questioning.


    Costa helped to coin the phrase, "Habits of the Mind," a pedagogical way of thinking about how we help kids to think and learn! As you approach your classrooms or interactions this coming week review the two links above and ask yourself.....what level of questioning are you using to query your kids? There is certainly a place for level 1, level 2 and level 3 questions....but the higher level questions we ask, the deeper the thinking for our kids. Commit to work to raise the level of questions as you interact/check for understanding in the week to come. This simple approach/strategy can help each of our classrooms to expect a little bit more in the week to come!
    Thank you for loving our kids. Have a wonderful week to come!
    For Kids,
    Andrew E. Kelly (Andy)
    North Beach School District
    (360) 870-3321 Cellular
    (360) 289-2447, Extension 404  District Office
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