Introducing Dr. Angela Lyte Crowther

Interim Superintendent Dr. Angela Lyte Crowther
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    Phone: 360-289-2447

    Dr. ALC. “Is all about the I.C.E. Instruction, Curriculum and the Educating of our students, to give them the best opportunity to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

    Dr. Lyte-Crowther is a 22-year veteran educator.  She began her career with the San Jose Unified Public School District, San Jose, CA in 2000 as a classroom teacher at Hoover Middle School.  She rose from the ranks of a substitute teacher in a resource classroom to a highly qualified NCLB  high school Social Studies teacher in an excluded special day class. Her leadership career began as a master teacher for the student teacher program and she has served as department chair. She has also held certificated administrative positions as an Assistant Principal of Discipline, an AP of Instruction and Guidance and a Principal and District Manager for The Santa Clara County Office of Education in California. Prior to her current position, Dr. ALC was the Assistant Superintendent for the North Beach School District. She is currently an instructor in the Teacher Education Program at Grays Harbor College.

    Dr. Lyte Crowther earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Santa Clara University in Political Science, a Master of Arts in Teaching from National University and her Doctorate from San Jose State University in Educational Leadership. She holds current California and Washington teaching and administration certifications, including a Washington State Superintendent Endorsement.

    Dr. Lyte Crowther is also active with several professional organizations, including the AASA -The School Superintendents Association, CEC- The Council for Exceptional Children, ASCD- Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and WASA- Washington Association of School Administrators.

    In her tenure in education, Dr. ALC has witnessed and been a part of the ever-changing legislative guidelines and policies that have shaped Public Education. In earning her doctorate in Educational Leadership, she chose to research and publish: UNDERSTANDING THE BARRIERS, BRIDGES, AND BASES TO INCLUSION INSTRUCTION FOR SECONDARY STUDENTS WITH MILD TO MODERATE DISABILITIES, which looked at the disproportionality issues, limited availability of highly qualified teachers serving our most vulnerable students and the social injustice of segregated classrooms in special education.  She is an INCLUSIONIST,  who believes all students are SPECIAL.