Proposition #1, the Safety 4 Students Construction Bond

    • Creates vital improvements and expansions at each school to enhance learning and safety;

    • The owner of a $300,000 home will pay an estimated additional $31.50 per month in bond collections.

    Proposition1 will enhance the safety of our students, staff and surrounding communities in each of our three schools -- Ocean Shores Elementary School, Pacific Beach Elementary School and North Beach Middle/High School – while creating needed additional classroom space to reduce overcrowding.

    Each school will receive needed upgrades and improvements from the 25-year $110 million measure.

    Most notably – each will offer a safe haven to nearly eliminate the threat from a tsunami for our students, staff and surrounding community members.

    Safety for Students Icon

    • At Pacific Beach Elementary:

    - The district will acquire land and construct a new elementary school beyond the reach of a tsunami, to replace the existing Pacific Beach Elementary School.

    - The resulting new building will be a new multi-use building complete with dedicated spaces for a school-based health clinic and a before and after-school and summer care facilities.

    • At Ocean Shores Elementary:

    - The district will build a two-story classroom addition that will include eight new classrooms and a multi-use space/tsunami evacuation refuge at or above 50 feet in height to provide a safe place for our students, staff and community.

    • At North Beach Middle/Senior High School:

     - The district will construct a performing arts center that will include a multi-use space/tsunami evacuation refuge on top, at or above 50 feet in height. Students, staff and community members will be able to take refuge during the threat of a tsunami. 

    - We'll install new metal roofing, upgrade/improve the HVAC system throughout the building, and provide targeted improvements to restroom facilities, keeping our schools up to date.

    The passage of the Safety 4 Students Construction Bond will allow North Beach School District to contribute in making our community one of the safest coastal communities in the United States, and ensure that the buildings and campuses in the district are in good shape for the next 30 years.