• Student & Family Expectations

    Self-motivation, dedication to learning, daily progress on work, and communication with teachers & peers are essential to success. Students can expect deadlines for their work and will be expected to join all scheduled courses on Google Classroom and/or Edgenuity (Teacher will inform you of the delivery method of content).

    Daily interaction with all courses will help students stay on top of their learning and schoolwork. Students will use class meetings, message boards on Google Classroom, email and other communication tools to work with teachers and other students. Their daily participation in Distance Education is a district and state expectation.

    The average instructional time per week for a student is about 30 hours. Percentage of online vs. offline work: 65-80% online/remainder offline. The work will be a combination of synchronous learning (everyone together in a class setting at a specific time) and asynchronous learning (working on assignments on their own time)


    • Attendance is taken daily and is demonstrated through being present for scheduled classroom sessions, activities on Google Classroom and Edgenuity, or if the student & teacher have connected to communicate (email, etc.). Teachers will check analytics for participation before marking a student absent.
    • If a student is sick or can't attend school, regular excused absence methods for our school must be followed (contact the office, mark in Skyward, etc.)