• How Distance Education, Always Learning Works...

    Distance Education, Always Learning will not just be the simple conversion of the in-person school into a digital format. In many cases, it must be re-thought and redesigned to match how learning is best experienced in the virtual environment. Distance Education is full instruction addressing the same content, standards, and grading as in-person schools with different delivery mechanisms and different options for engagement and representation of the learning. 

    We know continuous learning in the spring was not perfect. There was no playbook for what schools had to do when we immediately switched to a remote learning model. However, we have learned, we have listened, and we are committed to make our Distance Education Model the best it can be for our HYAKS! We need your support to continue to improve and fine tune our system. 

    Please stay connected to North Beach Middle/High School. You can contact us at any time with feedback, comments or concerns about how your scholar is doing during this time.