Slide from CSG Presentation to the NBSD School Board

Ocean City Property Board Presentation, January 19, 2021

    When Superintendent Kelly was hired in July of 2018, one of his first actions was to create a Long Range Facilities Committee, whose purpose it would be to help prioritize capital needs at all three of our buildings and make a decision about "what to do with the Ocean City School property." 
    The Ocean City School, built in the early 1960's hasn't been used as a school in more than a decade. Superintendent Kelly reached out to the state's schools construction services group (CSG) to perform an initial facilities review for the Board of Directors so that they can begin the process of making a decision about the facility. It was clear from this initial presentation that there are a myriad of issues that we will need to overcome to make this decision. The building is full of hazardous materials, in severe disrepair, and the limitations to the property prevent any real consideration of revitalization due to the water/sewer limitations.
    The Board requested two next steps as the result of the presentation. 1) Reach out to a hazardous material company and obtain an estimate for the hazardous material removal/elimination and 2) Work with a realtor to obtain a real estate estimate of the property and contact a commercial appraiser to do a formal appraisal on the property.