Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Robert J. Schneider

District 1


Dr. Robert J. Schneider retired as the Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security for Grant County, Washington. His prior experience includes serving as a contractual senior planner for FEMA Region X, where he worked on catastrophic planning for the State of Washington. In addition, he served as the City of Redmond, Washington’s emergency manager for 16 years (as a senior staff member of the Redmond Fire Department). Prior to working for Redmond, Dr. Schneider worked for local governments, public school systems, and NGO’s in the State of California. His direct experience includes assisting the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services in providing recovery assistance for local governments during the Humboldt County and Northridge Earthquakes.

He has also served as an elected and appointed official in local government serving on a local school board, parra transit and intercity bus committees, as well as county solid waste management and regional trails committees.

In his capacity as Redmond’s Emergency Manager, Dr. Schneider worked with the University of Washington’s Graduate Institute for Hazard Mitigation and Research, sponsoring a series of graduate-level courses created to redesign Hazard Mitigation Plans for the City of Redmond. The plans formalize the city’s comprehensive efforts to make the city safer through preventing damage to the built and natural environments. He also sponsored and mentored graduate student interns in the pursuit of their emergency management careers.

Dr. Schneider earned his doctorate from Saint Mary’s College of California, where he also received his MA (With Honors) in Educational Administration, and a BA in Business Management. He has completed graduate courses in fire administration from Western Oregon State University, and doctoral studies in China with Bakke Graduate University, where he studied global transformational leadership within organizations.

Dr. Schneider’s disaster research is qualitative in nature and is grounded in the theories of narrative research and appreciative inquiry. He engages members of an organization in a series of reflective dialogues centered on the renewal, change and performance of an organization. This process helps shape the corresponding processes and strategies practiced by emergency managers.

With a wealth of experience working with local governments, and rigorous academic training, Dr. Schneider synthesized these experiences and making a contribution to higher education by teaching in the University of Washington’s Master of Infrastructure Planning and Management program. He was the primary instructor for the Comprehensive Emergency Management, and Risk Assessment and Business Continuity courses. Dr. Schneider continues to conduct disaster and emergency management research and collaborates with universities as well as state and county agencies throughout the United States.

Dr. Scheider’s other experience includes working as a court school educator, residential treatment director, youth employment coordinator, and youth counselor for wards of the court.