Athletic Handbook

  • Click the following link to download/read the current Athletic Handbook.

    Athletic Handbook 2016-17

    If you were unable to attend the mandatory All Sports Parents Meeting on August 16 @ 6:00 pm, please click the following links to view/listen to an online version of the presentation. Due to file size, the entire presentation has been split into 9 modules. While it is intended for you to view each module in consecutive order, you may click/view in any order you wish.

    The following files will be downloaded as Microsoft PowerPoint files. Please note that this presentation contains several recorded voice messages. If you can not hear said messages, check your computer/speaker volume. You may also need to download/update Apple Quicktime. If this does not help, please contact the Athletic Director with any questions you may have about the handbook.

    Module 1
    Module 2
    Module 3
    Module 4
    Module 5
    Module 6
    Module 7
    Module 8
    Module 9

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