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Covid Information

New Guidance Issued by the State Early in March

On March 10, the Washington State Department of Health issued new COVID guidance for schools.  These guidelines were updated on August 5, 2022.  You can read the full document.

If a student or an adult has symptoms of COVID or has been exposed, this document shows the plan based upon symptoms. recommended.

Si un estudiante o un adulto tiene síntomas de COVID o ha estado expuesto, este documento muestra el cronograma y los pasos que se requieren o recomiendan

K-12 COVID-19 Guidance for Isolation/Quarantine Simplified

K-12 COVID-19 Orientación para aislamiento/cuarentena simplificada

*Case count current as of 06/05/2023.  The cumulative count began on 09/01/22.


Shown below is a historical dashboard.  The cumulative count for the 21-22 school year began on 09/01/21.   

COVID Data Dashboard