Proposition #2: Renewal Educational Programs & Operations Levy

  • For the last decade, North Beach residents have regularly approved an EP&O levy at $1.35 per thousand of assessed value.

    This year, the district is instead requesting approval of up to $1.06 per $1,000 valuation of property. This is 29 cents per thousand lower than in previous years. (Our actual collection is estimated to be closer to 81 cents per thousand due to legislature’s levy cap.)

    The annual total collection of $1,986,705 makes up 14 percent of the total district budget. It pays for people and things the state considers “enrichment” but that our community generally expects schools to provide. This includes:

    • The day-to-day operation of our schools
    • The salaries and benefits of additional staff, including:
      • Additional certificated staff to help lower class size and eliminate split classes
      • Increase counseling support
      • Increased paraprofessional support for small groups and one on one learning
    • Athletics and other extracurricular activities