Title I and Learning Assistance Program

  • North Beach Schools District supports a school wide Title I and LAP program in identified schools designed to ensure that students with learning needs can learn and grow to meet grade level standards.

    The Title I Part A Program is a federally funded program designed to provide supplemental educational services for students who are at risk of failing to meet grade level standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics.  The goal of the program is to provide additional or supplemental supports so students can close the learning and achievement gap.  Title I, is a program offered by ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) which was signed into law December 10, 2015. 

    The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) is a state funded program that provides supplemental instruction and services to students who are not meeting academic standards in basic skills areas (reading, writing, and mathematics as well as readiness associated with these skills) as identified by statewide, school, or district assessments or other performance measurement tools.

    These services may include academic and nonacademic supports that focus on accelerating student growth to make progress towards grade level and addressing barriers preventing students from accessing core instruction. The intent is for LAP-served students to increase academic growth during the period of time they are provided services.

    The Title I and LAP program ensures that students with learning needs can learn and grow to meet grade level standards. Annual testing is required to measure schools' success in supporting students. Read North Beach School District's written parent and family engagement policy here:


    To be considered for Title I school funds, at least 40% of a school's students must be considered low-income. In the North Beach School District, Ocean Shores Elementary, Pacific Beach Elementary and North Beach Middle School are designated Title I schools.

    OSPI provides a list and calendar of testing windows in Washington state, available here: https://www.k12.wa.us/student-success/testing/timelines-calendar

    Read the brochure, A Parent's Right to Be Informed.

    Parents Right to Be Informed


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