Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Music Education, emphasis in Choral Music K-12 (Pacific Lutheran University) Master of Education, emphasis in Learning and Technology (Western Governors University)

Ms. Rachel Pack

Hello, my name is Mrs. Pack and I grew up in Auburn, WA. I've spent most of my life in the greater Seattle area. 

I attended Auburn Mountainview High School, Green River College, Pacific Lutheran University, and Western Governors University. In my previous seven years of teaching, I've instructed students in Choir, Music Theory (beginning and advanced placement), Music Survey (general music), Integrated Performing Arts (musical theatre). I also have extensive knowledge in vocal pedagogy and technique in various genres 

I have participated in choirs as a vocalist since 4th grade and as a director since high school. In recent years, I directed an adult women's chorus, Jet Cities, out of Federal Way and sang in internationally-ranked barbershop quartets. 

I currently live in Ocean Shores, WA with my husband, my dog, and two parakeets. An eighth year, veteran teacher of performing arts, I am THRILLED to be working with the students in the North Beach School District.

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What's Ahead for OSE Students This Year?

  • I’m pleased to announce that all in-person 3rd and 4th grade students will be taking music this year! I am looking forward to getting to know you and your children.

    What can you expect from music class this year?  Third and 4th graders will...

    • Move - respond to music through movement and dance
    • Speak - use the voice rhythmically or freely to explore vocal expression
    • Sing - match pitch within a group
    • Listen - recognize various sounds by ear
    • Play - explore instruments such as xylophones, recorders, ukuleles, and more
    • Notate - visually represent rhythm, melody, and form

    Connections with other subjects

    • Music is History - it has been present during every era of time. It has even started revolutionary patriotic movements among many countries.
    • Music is Language - It’s a universal language. Music also requires learning some German, French, Italian, and other world terminology.
    • Music is Math - Music is rhythm based on the division of time into fractions. This is completed instantly and not often worked out on paper first.
    • Music is Reading - Reading music requires many subsets of skills. These same skills are necessary to read books and maintain literacy.
    • Music is Science - Music is exact, specific, and precise. Music is also about acoustics, and the frequencies produced by various voices and instruments.

    I cannot wait to get started. Please contact me via email with any questions you have about Choir or music in the North Beach School District. It’s going to be a great year! I cannot wait make music with kids!