Graduates of Distinction

  • If the halls of North Beach High School could talk, they would tell of the more than 100 years of tradition and legends – legends of students who have gone on to achieve great things personally, professionally, or philanthropically.

    Thanks to the development of the North Beach High School Graduates of Distinction Program, today's students can hear lessons taught by some of the school's highest achievers in an annual ceremony held in late Spring at the school.

    Under the leadership of former Boeing employee Jaen Henry, local residents created the North Beach Graduates of Distinction committee and presented the first awards in 2006. Then and now, the committee's goal is to honor and highlight the accomplishments and service of the school’s graduates, particularly for the younger students today. 

    There are many North Beach High School graduates who have demonstrated exceptional personal, community or professional achievements in their career. By recognizing graduates for their accomplishments or service, their stories are passed on to the youth of today.

    We wanted our students to realize that you don't have to come from a big city to realize success. Ordinary people from a small community like North Beach and a small school like North Beach High School can make a difference in the world. Returning to tell others about their success or service serves as an inspiration for students to reach for the goals and dreams they have.

    Graduates will be honored for their success in a variety of areas including the arts, communications or publishing, medicine, health and fitness, business and technology, academics, religion, athletics, law or justice, politics or government service, and community service.

    Past Honorees:

    2019 - Chelsea Frank (Class of 2004) and Taylor J. Beach (Class of 2009)  (Read district press release)

    2017 - Devin Timpson (Class of 2005) and Wendy Hensley McCoy (Class of 2001)

    Prior Years:

    Jessica Fitts Willoughby (Class of 2004)

    Siddra Hines (Class of 2000)

    Grace Louise Connelly (Class of 1980)

    Dan Martin (Class of 1981)

    Louis Stewart (Class of 1962)

    J. Sam Sage (Class of 1998)

    Karline Valdez (Class of 1996)

    Daniel Hatton, Ph.D. (Class of 1961)

    Dennis Fry (Class of 1973)

    Leiutenant Colonel Robert Powell (Class of 1989)

    Guy McMinds (Class of 1955)