Community Listening Sessions

  • On March 23rd, 24th and 25th, the Long-Term Facilities Committee hosted listening sessions at each building to learn what our community believes is necessary to create the school facilities that our kids deserve.  

    The purpose of these listening sessions was to gather information so the North Beach School Board could have enough information for a serious conversation about presenting a Bond on the 2022 Ballot to the North Beach Community.

    The current proposals/ideas by school are:

    North Beach Middle/High School

    1. New auxiliary gymnasium. This gym would be regulation size with single stack bleachers that would support practices, games, etc.  It would be a free standing building on the current MS/HS campus.
    2. Performing Arts Center. A free standing 300-500-person auditorium with stage that supports district music and drama productions, as well as being a shared facility with the City of Ocean Shores.  In cooperation with the City this performing arts center could be used to bring in external performers to the North Beach Community for entertainment, etc.  The center could also support a new District Office that could be built in/under it.
    3. Exploring the possibility of building “on top” of either the auxiliary gymnasium or performing arts center, a vertical evacuation tower to support Tsunami Evacuation for the safety of students in the school and community members in close proximity.

    Ocean Shores Elementary School

    1. Addition of 8 additional classrooms on the right side of the current school. Four rooms on the 1st floor and 4 on the 2nd  These rooms would help to accommodate student population growth in the building.
    2. Exploring the possibility of building “on top” of the addition a vertical evacuation tower to support Tsunami Evacuation for the safety of students in the school and community members in close proximity.

    Pacific Beach Elementary School

    1. Build a new Pacific Beach Elementary School that is located in a different location, that is high enough to be safe from Tsunami threat.
    2. The new Pacific Beach Elementary School would have 3 main purposes:
      1. A new school. This could consist of a PreK-5 grade campus, or a PreK-8, or PreK-12.  We would explore with the community the interest in different formats for the North end of the District to reduce the drive/commute distance for students.
      2. Grays Harbor YMCA extension site. This would provide before/after school care for kids and childcare.
      3. Walk-in Health Clinic to serve the North end of the District.
    3. Upon completion of the new school, the existing Pacific Beach Elementary School would be sold for redevelopment.

    During the sessions, Superintendent Andy Kelly updated the attendees on facility improvements that have already happened and things that are in the works: 

    • Ocean Shores Elementary School has had HVAC upgrades.
    • Repairs and improvements have and are being made at North Beach Middle/High School (painting, installed new water drinking fountains, repair to cedar blocks, landscaping improvements).
    • We are going out for grants to also help with repairs/improvements.
    • Pacific Beach Elementary received a $3 million grant for seismic upgrades to the gymnasium.
    • Ocean Shores Elementary has a new PreK playground.

     From the listening sessions community members addressed concerns they have and also preseted some new ideas:                                                                                                                                                                                     

    • The track at the MS/HS campus will soon need to be replaced so we should start planning for this.
    • The baseball field at the MS/HS campus needs to be playable, along with the addition of restrooms and booth.
    • Since schools are usually the hub of a community, this is why we need to push for a Bond for improvements.
    • There needs to be a Sensory Room in the buildings for special needs students.
    • An Aquatic Center.
    • Have we considered not building a new Pacific Beach Elementary School, because of the amount of students at that building and this would be a large amount of the Bond?
    • Does the County govern when a new school needs to be built?
    • If we want to build a new school, why are we getting seismic upgrades to the existing one?
    • Do other schools have health clinics in them?
    • Would building a PreK-12 school take students away from Taholah?
    • Does the grade level of the school drive the size of it?
    • We would like to have a trade school and a more project-based learning experience.
    • Would it benefit the community to combine with Taholah?
    • Students need to have more cultural experiences.

    If you would like to participate in further discussions on these topics, you still have the opportunity to do so on Thursday, April 15th.  The Long-Term Facilities Committee is holding a Zoom Community Listening Session for those who were not able to attend the in-person ones.  The session will start at 6:00pm.  Below is the Zoom link and phone number if you wish to phone in. 

    Meeting Link:

    By Phone: Meeting ID: 827 1541 1861

           Phone number: 1-253-215-8782