Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Ted Chamberlain

Hello! I’m Ted Chamberlain and I began my career as an educator in 1988, having just completed my double major at Seattle Pacific University: K-12 Music Education and Vocal Performance. After teaching Music (mostly Choir and some Orchestra) in public secondary schools in the Puget Sound area for nearly 30 years, I set aside public teaching and started a private voice/singing teaching business. 


In 2018, my wife Michele (who is now a 5th grade teacher at OSE), and I decided to move to BEAUTIFUL Ocean Shores to teach here. I am LOVING teaching 4th grade here at Ocean Shores Elementary school!


4th grade is an incredible age of growth and discovery. The curiosity, quirkiness and playfulness, meshed with the ability to begin to grasp more and more challenging skills and ideas, make this an exciting time for young learners - and a wonderful age to teach!


Born in Portland, I lived in Oregon until I was 5 until we moved to Wisconsin, where I enjoyed fishing in the summer and sledding and ice skating in the winter. During these formative years, I also sang with the LaCrosse Boy Choir. At the end of my 8th grade school year, we moved back to the Pacific Northwest and remained in the greater Seattle area until moving here.


I have a wide variety of interests: From animals, marine life, to music (especially singing and choirs), to sports such as tennis, baseball and football, and all school subjects! I find learning exciting and...FUN! 


One of the most important aspects of life I’ve found is the idea of being “authentic.” This can be challenging and is more of a life-long journey of discovery as opposed to a decision of some sort. Still, the older I become, the more obvious it becomes that we are all here to grow and blossom as our best selves and to support others in THEIR quest - and we all have great value  - our BEST contributions - when we are true to ourselves. I look forward to learning about each of my students in this way and to help them discover and bring out the best in themselves.


In my spare time, I love going to the beach with our dogs, going fishing, and singing in a cappella groups!


Favorite quote (a poem):


“I have passion, purpose and a bunch of potential,

I’ve worked hard for my goals, it wasn’t accidental.

The goals I achieved, it wasn’t through luck,

I found another way when I was feeling stuck”

Avra Davidoff,