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    North Beach School District embraces and honors the individuality each child brings to school, knowing in our hearts all are capable and worthy of achieving great things.

    Wingding K ampersand


    Because of this knowledge, we will encourage and nurture every student’s growth as a learner and a caring member of society by providing a safe environment where we model and expect commitment, tolerance, respect and perseverance.

    Wingding K ampersand


    And, as they grow in heart and mind, we will provide resources and mentoring to empower our graduates as life-long scholars who are valuable members of their community, whatever academic path they pursue.

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    The North Beach School District is seeking applicants to fill the vacant position for Board Director of District 2.  The term of this position will end December 31, 2021.  Please submit a letter of interest articulating why you would like to serve on the Board and what unique skills or traits you will bring to the team, along with a resume detailing professional/personal contributions to the North Beach Community. Letters and/or questions can be submitted to Andrew Kelly, Superintendent at 360-870-3321 or akelly@northbeachschools.orgPosition is open until 5PM, April 9, 2021. EEO.


    Boundary information is below:

    Director 2 Boundary Map


    Legal Description:

    Starting at the intersection of Ocean Beach Rd and Cedar Crk. Southwesterly on Cedar Crk to SR 109.
    South, west and southerly SR 109 to SR 115 .
    South and west on SR 115 to the extension of Dolphin Ave NE.
    South on the extension of Dolphin Ave NE to Dolphin Ave NE and Rain. Southwesterly on Rain to Shoal St.
    West on Shoal St to Seahorse Ave NE.
    South on Seahorse Ave NE to Chance A la Mer.
    East and south on Chance A la Mer to Albatross St NE. West on Albatross St NE to Bass Ave NE.
    South on Bass Ave NE to Overlake St NE.
    South, east, and northerly Overlake St NE to Duck Lake Dr. South on Duck Lake Dr to Hutton St.
    South on Hutton St to Pearsall St NE .
    Southwest on Pearsall St NE to Sunrise Ave SE.
    Southerly on Sunrise Ave SE to the Census block closure line between Murphy Ct SE and Werner Ct SE.
    West on the Census block closure line to the school district boundary.
    Counter-clockwise following the school district boundary to the eastern crossing of Ocean Beach Rd.
    Northerly on Ocean Beach Rd to the point of the beginning.

    The North Beach School Board of Directors is made up of five community members, one from each geographic region of the district.  Board members are elected to their district positions for a term of four years by the community at large.

    • Citizens of the United States of America
    • Legal resident of Washington State
    • At least 18 years old by election day
    • Registered to vote within the North Beach School District attendance area
    • Registered to vote within the director district they wish to represent 
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