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    All students are goal-oriented, independent, resilient and confident risk-takers, who believe in their power to embrace learning and to EXCEL.

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    North Beach School District is committed to fostering an environment that will educate, nurture, motivate and graduate critical thinkers, who are respectful leaders, skillful communicators, and contributing members of the local and global community.

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    Sports Media Scam Alert!!!

    It's come to our attention that local businesses are being contacted by a company named Sports Media. They claim to be representatives of North Beach High School, selling advertisements for sports posters and/or programs. This company is in no way affiliated with our school district and is a scam. North Beach School District does not use any outside organizations for fundraising. 

    If you ever have any concerns surrounding a school related phone call, please call the district directly to confirm that the request is legitimate. Just call our main office at 360-289-2447.



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  • North Beach School District Celebrates Outstanding Educators!

    North Beach School District has a talented and dedicated cadre of staff throughout its schools. Choosing a single nominee for a state award from among them is not an easy thing to do. So this year, the district has not one nominee for the State Teacher of the Year Award, but two.  In addition, the district has an outstanding nominee for the State Classified School Employee of the Year. 

    Patrice Timpson, Michael Barbero, Rhonda Adams display certificates “While we won’t know the results of the state competition until early summer, this is a wonderful opportunity to shine a much-deserved light on each of these exceptional educators now,” Superintendent Andrew Kelly noted.

    Classified School Employee Nominee of the Year: Patrice Timpson

    As the long-time Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Director of Human Resources, Patrice Timpson is widely known as the “go-to” person for any need or challenge in the district. If she doesn't know the answer, she dives in and does the research necessary to ensure the need is met.

     Timpson, this year’s North Beach School District Classified School Employee nominee, leads and inspires by example, Superintendent Andrew Kelly notes. She has a tireless work ethic and an infectious smile, the perfect combination of professionalism and pure joy. She frequently can be found in the secondary school commons talking with, encouraging, and celebrating the successes of North Beach students.

    She works diligently to make all people feel valued and intentionally looks for the good in everyone she encounters, Kelly wrote in her nomination. “I couldn't ask for a better representative to be an extension of the board, me, or our entire district. I couldn't ask for a better colleague to work so tirelessly to support and encourage others. Most importantly, I couldn't ask for a person to have a bigger heart and compassion who truly desires the very best for each one of our scholars.”

    She is also responsible for keeping school board meetings running smoothly. “Patrice's wit and sense of humor keeps us all on our toes and frequently lightens a dark or negative situation that allows us to reframe, refocus and move forward in a positive way!” Kelly adds.

    Teacher of the Year Nominee: Michael Barbero, Ocean Shores Elementary

    Michael Barbero is an elementary reading specialist who has a gift for “turning non-readers into readers,” Principal Rhonda Ham says.  A successful classroom teacher for 30 years, Barbero quickly excelled in his role as reading specialist, collaborating with other teachers and parents to help find the key that unlocked each student’s inner reader.  With Barbero in the specialist role, the school’s reading scores “immediately began improving,” Principal Rhonda Ham says.

    “Students who had struggled to read and focus were soon inspired by Mr. Barbero, and these same students developed a desire to read. I personally watched Mr. Barbero elevate my own non-reading high functioning autistic son into a reader; a reader who I now have to monitor at bedtime because he would rather read (or write) than sleep,” Ham added.

    Barbero has the respect and admiration of staff, students, and the community. His determination to make every student be the best he/she can be is contagious and relentless. Staff recognize Barbero’s expertise and utilize his assistance, Ham shares. In order to reach every student's potential at OSE, Michael knows the importance of collaborating with classroom teachers to assess students, determine best practices, and implement necessary interventions. “This is his way to reach every student,” Ham says. 

    Teach of the Year Nominee: Rhonda Adams, Pacific Beach Elementary

    At Pacific Beach Elementary, Rhonda Adams is the perfect example of a professional who goes the extra mile, Principal Lynette Reime says.  “She seizes opportunities to connect her students with the latest research-based information on effective teaching.”  Adams continually seeks professional ideas to lift her students to do their best.  She monitors her students’ progress daily, checking for those who need a boost. 

    Reime notes that Adams’s drive to improve the environment for her students -- indeed the entire school and district -- is evident in her daily practice. Following a two-day GLAD training on teaching strategies for student engagement and effective classroom management, Adams went on to further her knowledge in the practice to become a GLAD trainer in the school. 

    Reime adds that Adams’ strength as a team player “strengthens the fabric of collegial consensus-building at the school.”

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  • 2017-2018 District Calendar

    The North Beach School District Board of Directors has approved the 2017-2018 District Calendar


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  • 2018-2019 District Calendar

    The North Beach School District Board of Directors has approved the 2018-2019 District Calendar

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