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    All students are goal-oriented, independent, resilient and confident risk-takers, who believe in their power to embrace learning and to EXCEL.

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    North Beach School District is committed to fostering an environment that will educate, nurture, motivate and graduate critical thinkers, who are respectful leaders, skillful communicators, and contributing members of the local and global community.

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  • North Beach Children and Family Care Alliance Weaves a Safety Net for Students 

    A century ago, rural schools taught reading, writing and arithmetic. They might have touched on a little history or science, if the teacher had a particular interest. Today, our schools’ curriculum goes far beyond the 3 Rs. And, even though many subjects are mandated by the state, we would feel a moral mandate to offer them anyway in order to ensure our students can be competitive in the job market and knowledgeable, contributing citizens.

    But that’s not where our moral mandate ends. Now, the best educators recognize the need to look beyond what’s happening inside the school walls between 7:30 and 4. A school can offer a tremendous learning program, but if some students - particularly those living in poverty - aren’t provided additional support on a human level, academics will suffer. It’s a simple thing. When a child lacks food, clothing, personal items, or a secure home environment -- learning is derailed.

    North Beach Children and Family Care Alliance In North Beach School District, there’s a new program that seeks to wrap around children, and it’s being received by the community with open arms. Called the North Beach Children and Family Care Alliance, its evolution has been rapid and remarkable.

    It started with a school-based Clothing Closet, the brain child of Rettai Bruni, who joined North Beach School District as the Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator this past August. She brought a passion for kids and families, and a history of hard work on behalf of kids living in tough circumstances.

    In NBSD, she hit the ground running, starting with the Clothing Closet at North Beach Junior High/High School. The root purpose of the closet is to provide clothing and other personal items needed by students. Then, in September, a post in the North Beach Classifieds Facebook page appealing for needed Clothing Closet items set something bigger in motion.

    The post caught the attention of two especially big-hearted and determined women in the community, Lynne Andagan and Carol Schoenfeldt. When Bruni shared the many needs students arrive at school with, they had found a mission. Andagan and Schoenfeldt became a needed link to individuals and organizations in the community and devoted themselves to making sure the closet was stocked with anything a student might need – ranging from clothing and hygiene items to blankets, tarps, healthy snack items, and even laundry services.

    “Lynne and Carol have been invaluable in helping me rally community members and make sure that we continue to receive donations of these items for our most at risk students,” Bruni shared. “As a result of their efforts, countless needy students have obtained new or gently used clothing items from the closet.”

    The founding members of the North Beach Children and Family Alliance didn’t stop there. Schoenfeldt initiated a Facebook page called, “Angels for Ocean Shores Kids,” where community members can check in and learn what current, specific needs are.

    Leading up to the holiday season, the group was able to secure enough donations to provide 47 students and/or families gifts that they otherwise couldn’t have had. Community members have sponsored youth and taken them and their families shopping for clothing items, and groceries. 

    Alliance members have delivered food items for families on weekends or evenings when they have been hungry and without funds for groceries. 

    Community members have donated warm meals like breakfast burritos or soup/chili/stew to Bruni’s office on multiple occasions providing a student with a warm meal when they’ve arrived at school late due to circumstances beyond their control, or if they have no money on their food account. 

    Transportation in a rural community is another challenge that Bruni and her group have tackled. At times, alliance members have provided medical transportation to families that couldn’t otherwise get to Aberdeen for medical care or to pick up a prescription. “Loaded” fuel cards have been donated for families that are struggling with transportation costs. 

    Bruni shared the story of a family of seven, including a NBSD student, living in single motel room. When the team became aware of their situation, they reached out to learn how to help. They started with coupons for laundry, and referrals to a Grays Harbor area employment agency and legal services. By supporting and providing resources to this family, the team has given the student and younger siblings a better chance of school and life success.

    In another exciting extension of this work, Seaside Liquidation has set up an account that anyone can donate to.  When a student or family with a need is identified, Bruni can make a purchase using the account and receive a 10 percent discount on items for students or families. Donors have provided $735 in cash donations so far, and it’s been used in several urgent situations.

    With these early successes under their belts, members of the group are reaching out to the community in a more formalized way. At a recent Community Voices meeting, the trio shared the history of the group and the tremendous need. Multiple new members joined the group, including several interested in helping mentor high school students. Bruni hopes these individuals will become the core of a formal mentorship program to work with at-risk youth.

    “Can we, as a community, come together to heal the hurt in so many of our empower their hearts and minds to chase their dreams and succeed?” Superintendent Kelly reflected recently. “It seems to me that this is the paramount question that each community and school district must answer. I'm hard-pressed to imagine any, more important work.” 

    Rettai Bruni and the North Beach Children and Family Alliance volunteers are providing the answer to Superintendent Kelly’s question daily. 

    Want to help NBCFA support students?

    The alliance has a variety of ways you can help. Contact Rettai Bruni at or (360) 289-3888 Ext.167.  On Facebook, join the Angels for Ocean Shores Kids group to stay up-to-date on urgent needs.



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  • How We Decide to Close or Delay Schools Due to Weather

    Dear North Beach School District Families:

    For each of my 49 years, I’ve been blessed to live in the Western United States. I’m accustomed to inclement weather; torrential rain, freezing conditions, icy roads, snow, power outages and road closures due to flooding or downed trees. During the winter months, the odds are high that we’ll need to adjust our school day or bus routes.

    At the same time, we need to conduct school as scheduled if we can safely do so! Frequent interruptions in our school schedule interfere with precious instructional time, and inconvenience parents who must work regardless.

    Winter Beach Damon Point Let me tell you a little about the process of how we decide whether to close or delay schools. Before we make such a decision, we consult with numerous staff members, other school districts and Grays Harbor road crews who are actively monitoring conditions throughout our district.

    Our school district covers significant geographic area and the conditions can vary widely based on weather patterns, freezing levels, wind, etc. Deciding to delay or cancel school is a balancing act and many factors go into our decision. Here are a few:

    • Can we ensure that buses will be able to navigate roads safely?
    • Will students be safe waiting for buses, driving or walking to school?
    • What are the predicted weather conditions later in the school day so we can also ensure students a safe return home?
    • Is there current or projected flooding that may block access to roads, schools or homes?
    • If we start school late, (one or two-hour late start), will conditions substantially improve?
    • Will we have heat and lights in our schools?

    School closure/delay decisions will be made between 5:30 and 6 a.m. in order to notify bus drivers and other staff, as well as parents. It’s not unusual for weather to change dramatically after that decision has been made, but once we’ve decided to hold school, it’s important to stick to the decision instead of making a last-minute change that can leave our scholars waiting for a bus or home alone.

    Once we do make the decision to close or delay schools, we use multiple methods to get the word out to parents, students and staff. We use electronic means to notify news media outlets and we add a post to our district Facebook and web page. If you “like” and “follow” our page, you should see these notices in your feed. You can always click over to our Facebook page (@northbeachschooldistrict) to check.

    Finally, we always send an automated message by phone and email. This is why, if you have changes in phone numbers or email addresses during the school year, it’s vitally important that you your student’s school office; this will help us get these messages to you dependably.

    If we prepare carefully and consider all possibilities, we can ensure the safety and well-being of each of our scholars and the staff who serve them during extreme weather conditions. Having served as a school administrator for 25 years, I have experienced school closures/delays that were “spot on” and I’ve experienced some that missed the mark. Please know I will do my best and provide me a little grace if I miss the mark!

    Thank you for trusting us with your most precious commodity -- our scholars.

    We will continue to work to improve every aspect of our school district to ensure that our kids get the very best education and care possible.

    For Kids,

    Signature, Superintendent Andrew Kelly




    Andrew E. Kelly, Superintendent




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  • A Passion for Transforming Education: Superintendent Kelly Participates in National Conversation

    Photo from Roundtable News Newsletter When North Beach School District’s school board hired Superintendent Andrew Kelly in July, they were looking for an administrator who could unite the staff and community behind efforts to transform the district. Just 5-1/2 months into his tenure with the district, Superintendent Kelly has initiated multiple programs and initiatives that focus on supporting each of our students in achieving at high levels – and at the same time has generated positive energy in the community.Outside of the North Beach community, Superintendent Kelly is a respected participant in the national conversation about improving educational outcomes for all students. 

    A member of the National Superintendent's Roundtable, he was featured in a recent newsletter that focused on best practices in school and district improvement. Kelly attended the national convening in October and participated in a panel with other thought leaders on the best way to initiate and sustain positive change at the district level.

    Reflecting on his activity on the national stage, Kelly explained, "I've always had a passion for making an impact in the lives of the kids I serve. The Roundtable is an advocacy organization that helps advance public school initiatives and best practices across the country. I was honored to be invited to participate and share what I've learned during my career that makes a difference for kids."

    "All kids deserve to have a high-quality education served by excellent teachers, administrators and support staff. All educators deserve the support of a leader who knows how difficult their job is and is willing to put supports and structures in place to allow them to do their jobs well."

    Read the coverage from the National Superintendent’s Roundtable newsletter. (Pages 1 and 4.)



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  • 2017-2018 District Calendar

    The North Beach School District Board of Directors has approved the 2017-2018 District Calendar


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  • 2018-2019 District Calendar

    The North Beach School District Board of Directors has approved the 2018-2019 District Calendar

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